Sound Movement

We are so excited to share with you a small glimpse into the amazing journey we took last summer! Huge thanks to Brie-Ana Laboucane and Shambhala Music Festival Ampitheatre stage and Oli Ver and Electric Love Music Festival for having us up there living our dreams! This video wouldn’t be possible without the amazing videographers Kevan McGovern Willpower Cinema Mike Stibbard Davis Chu Ryan Tebbutt and for video and the beautiful edit as always Tavi Parusel! And of course the incredibly talented musical genius of Average-Gypsy never missing that beat with their new epic track #DIPTHAT check them out on SoundCloud at Huge shoutout to the whole magical Sound Movement family for putting your blood sweat and tears into making our vision a reality and giving your all on stage Jen Van Hassel Nadine Watkins Cheyenne Watson Jesse Paul Harkness Bri Medeiros Rebecca Cornelia Devaya Corbett Laura Hutt Brièle Dionne Chanel Alexandra Claire Kathryn Danielle Buna Karisa Evdokimoff Tamara Dawson Candice Miranda Yvonne Marie Tyree Kile-Waverider Alleyne Mandy Dominguez Carly May Campbell Tess Ananda Jenna Rose Kyle M SollyThank you everyone for the incredible love and support we’ve been given along the way. ❤So excted to share our passion with you this coming summer at our favourite festivals! We hope to see you out there!!! ;)------------------->> out our FB give us a lil like or come over and peek at our super shiny website----->> www.soundmovement.coSee you on the dance floor.❤

Posted by Sound Movement on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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