“A community of like-minded performers that love to express themselves through sound and movement”
We’re always looking to bring more talented, creative and passionate people into our community.
Don’t be afraid to reach out, we really value connection and would love to find ways to help you shine bright.

                                    Each ring of our flower represents a unique layer within our community


Our sacred circle in the center of our flower – These members are the foundation, pillars and creative directors of our movement.

The Core consists of members of multiple different collectives, crews and companies. Each brings with them a unique set of talents that are integral to our community.

We have costume creators and designers to help everyone get into character. Stage managers, event curators and performance planners that help our performers create a solid flow on and off the stage.

We even have marketing and promotional specialists that would love to help you grow your performance image. We know how challenging it can be to find your way into the performing scene and these members specialize in helping you get your name out there and find your way on stage more consistently.

Never performed on a stage before? Our dedicated stage etiquette and performance value leaders will help boost your confidence on and off the stage, adding personality and connection to your movement.

Do you have an event or festival that needs help with one (or all) of these areas? Please reach out to us!

We’d love to collaborate with you and help make your event unforgettable.


The middle ring of our flower represents our unified performance community.

This layer of our community is where we place most of our energy and resources. Members have their own custom made profile on the Sound Movement website where they’re able to showcase their talents, performance history, bio and use their page as a tool when applying to events.

Members of this community are like-minded and believe strongly in our movement. Though they’re members of different collectives, crews and companies, they’re always spreading our movement, mission, upholding our values and maintaining the integrity of our community alongside their own.

This layer of our community is, above all else, about finding connection to your creative self, your peers and to ever-changing performance environments. We want all members of this layer to be supportive of one another, share their resources, unique talents and grow together both on and off of the stage.

One of the most magical aspects of our Collaborative Community is when we’re able to perform together on stage. We often leave gaps in our schedules, enabling our performers to form “creative alliances” throughout each event. This has resulted in some of the most unforgettable, spontaneous performances we’ve ever seen and is well-adored amongst our members, peers and bookings.

To join our collaborative community, please contact one of our members for more information OR join us for one of our collaborative events on the dance floor.


The outer ring of our flower represents our growth outward into our incredibly talented and diverse performance community.

This layer of our community was created to spread the movement and bring more like-minded and passionate performers together.

We use this layer to form new connections, share talents and celebrate our movement. It’s also a great place to start if you’re looking to join our collaborative community and are trying to find ways to get involved. These members are not expected to share their resources, bookings or push the movement outside of their personal interactions on our public community page.

We have a community manager that will be keeping everyone up to date on upcoming events, collaborations and opportunities to join us on the dance floor.

Please feel welcome to share events that you, your crew or collective are a part of – We would love any opportunity to show our support.

We’re always looking to build our community – So if you know an incredibly passionate performer, crew or collective (or maybe even somebody that’s amazingly talented but has no actual performing experience) feel free to invite them to the page!

“Like a rock being tossed into a pond, let the ripples of our connections, energy, vulnerability, and intention emanate outwards and act as the catalyst for magical moments in time.”