Jenna Rose is many things – an Aries, a kitty cat, a taco connoisseur, an aerialist, a musician, an acrobat, a fierce friend, a hooper, a popsicle enthusiast, performer and a teacher.

You can find her in Vancouver fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight and sometimes at work teaching children gymnastics. She also loves connecting people with the amazing natural healing power of essential oils, high quality nutrition, and inspiring and guiding the brave and beautiful community at Tantra Fitness where she specializes in acrobatic foundations, aerial yoga, aerial hammock and hoop, flow yoga, splits-ability, all things sexy and flexy, pole fitness, and dance.

Jenna has performed on local and international stages as a hired dancer and singer. She has had a hooping residency at Aura nightclub, along with much experience performing at clubs such as Caprice, 560, Red Room, The VAL, Waldorf, and the Fox.

This will be her second year representing sound movement as the official dancers of Electric Love music festival. With dancing engagements almost every weekend throughout Vancouver she values stage presence, professionalism, connecting with the audience, and adding energy-magic-value-and flow to any event.

Some of her highlights have been dancing for SkiiTour, Neon Steve, Matt the Alien, Crafty Kuts, ASkills, WMNSTUDIES, and Stickybuds just to name a few. Her movement is flowing, energetic, and filled with vibrant happiness and pure love.

Jenna Rose stands for freedom, movement, play, adventure, energy, harmony, wellness, radical self care, and unconditional love.

For more on Jenna and how to reach her you can check out her website:



  • Aerial Hoop
  • LED/Fire Hoop
  • Fiber-Optic Whip
  • Character Play
  • Freestyle Dance (Gogo, Choreographed/Improv)
  • Modelling (Glamour, yoga & aerial, swimwear, underwater, runway, creative, implied)
  • Visual Art (UV/Air Brushed by Glow Me)
  • Burlesque / Hooplesque (aerial & hoop)
  • Singing
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Pole Fitness


  • Mandy Dominguez (Hula Hoop/Aerial/Circus/Freestyle Flow)
  • Red XIII (Fiber-Optic Whip)
  • Carly Campbell (Fiber-Optic Whip)
  • Tess Ananda (Fiber-Optic Whip)
  • Sunita Prowse (Freestyle Flow/Fiber-Optic Whip/Circus)


“Coming Soon!”
– Sound Movement