Karisa is a visual artist, dancer & dreamer with an innate connection to mother earth.

Creative self-expression and art have always been intrinsically a part of her life. Three years ago, dance evolved as another way to self-express and has since created soul-moving experiences. Dance is now a natural element to Karisa’s being and with it has come joy, flow states, self-growth, connection and healing.

Karisa resides in Vancouver and has been teaching hoop dance classes and workshops for two years. These take place at different community centres and at various music festivals around BC. Her primary form of dance and self-expression is with the hula hoop, however she incorporates other forms of flow into her movement such as the pixel whip, free-flow movement & gloving. On stage she shares synergy with dancers such as Sunita Prowse (hula hoop) and with Laura Hutt (hula hoop). She has been performing for over a year and loves sharing the stage with new people, connecting to the music and to the energy of the space.
A few of the most magical moments to date are her experiences performing for the Funk Hunters & Avergage Gyspy at Rise n’ Shine Fam Jam Festival, performances at Electric Love Music Festival and teaching a hoop dance workshop at Campbell Bay Music Festival on Mayne Island, BC.

When Karisa is not performing or teaching dance classes, she is out pursuing one of her many passions. A few examples are ceramics and painting, spending time in the forest, teaching art classes, cooking, gardening, environmental activism and travelling. She values authentic communication, openness & vulnerability.

She is always striving to leave her comfort zone, speak her truth and conquer fear. These intentions have continued to help carry her towards her higher purpose in life and dance is undeniably one of those passions which has revealed itself through following her heart.



  • LED Hoop
  • Pixel Whip
  • Freestyle Flow
  • Gloving
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Electric Love 2017
  • Sound Movement


  • Laura Hutt (Hoop)
  • Sunita Prowse (Hoop)
  • Jenna Rose (Hoop)



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“Coming Soon”
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