Kyle is a self trained dancer that draws creative inspiration from multiple different styles of dance and movement. He’s been a crowd favorite in the nightlife & festival scene for 9 years and is also the Creative Director of the Sound Movement.

Having grown up in a small town setting, Kyle felt that he always lacked the communication skills necessary in forming strong connections to his peers and always struggled to find ways to express himself. When he first moved to Vancouver, he’d never been to a nightclub before so one night he set out by himself to explore… little did he know that later that night he’d discover his calling.

He quickly found himself pushed into a corner by the sheer amount of people inside – Feeling overwhelmed by the heavy bass lines and flashing lights, he closed his eyes and in that moment he was able to let go. Flailing around, uncoordinated and not conscious of his movement he opened his eyes and noticed an odd change in his surroundings. He found that through movement in even the simplest form, it seemed to attract, weave and manipulate the energy in the room. Suddenly he felt connections forming to the strangers moving around him. People he had never met were reaching out in excitement, moving with him and then time seemingly stood still. It was in that moment Kyle discovered the key to communication he’d been searching for his entire life – “Expression through sound & movement”

It didn’t take long until Kyle was scouted for his first performance opportunity. He was invited to an “Open stage” night at Celebrities Nightclub and it was there where he truly found himself. The staff, performers and creative community within provided an incredibly supportive and non judgement environment which acted as the perfect catalyst for creative growth. They constantly encouraged Kyle to be himself, to explore himself and to not fear vulnerability on a stage. It was because of that incredibly supportive community that Kyle even found his way to a stage and everything he learned there would later translate into the founding principles within the Sound Movement.

Kyle’s spent his performance career learning how to connect to his audience, whether it’s a 100 person event or a 10,000 person festival he set out to better understand the impact of his energy and presence. Every second he’s on stage is a reflection of the energy he feels within, the freedom he’s found through movement and a visual exploration of his own creative consciousness. Through dance he strives to set the energy in the room high enough that even the most shy footed person feels able to move, where nobody feels like an outcast and everyone feels present with him and in that moment.

RED = Favourite Color
XIII = Lucky Number


  • Freestyle inspired Movement (Popping, Tutting, Animation, Hip’Hop, Liquid, Gloving)
  • Custom GlowFX Fiber-Optic whip (Jellyfish)
  • Contact Staff
  • UV Glow-Paint Model/Performer (Painting by Glow Me)
  • Gloving/Tracing
  • Performance Manager/Coordinator for Electric Love Music Festival (2016/2017)
  • Assistant Dance Manager/Coordinator for Shambhala (2017) (The Amphitheatre stage)
  • Performed at Shambhala Amphitheatre Stage 2016/2017
  • Experience in Marketing, Promotions & Street Team coordinating (Blueprint Events, Bustloose & Penny Lane Entertainment)
  • Experience in Promotional Modeling & Brand Representation (Cynn Productions) 


  • Carly Campbell (Fiber Optic Whips)
  • Tamara Dawson (Freestyle Flow)
  • Tess Ananda (Fiber Optic Whips, LED Gloves, LED Wands)
  • Sunita Prowse (LED Gloves)
  • SolarKat (Fiber-Optic Whip/Freestyle Flow)


“Coming soon!”
– Sound Movement