From the very beginning Cheyenne was immediately drawn to performance
arts. Once she saw fire poi lit she knew she had to get her hands on
them. One day, this very set of poi would be gifted to her and thus
would start her firey journey into dance.

Later on, hoops entered her life and came to stay as hooping became
her true passion. It’s been years now and they’ve never been put down.
It wasn’t long after that she attended her first flow festival and realized
the art of movement would take over her life. There she was able to
meet, befriend and learn from so many of her idols. Being a bit of an
obsessive learner and skill builder she took many classes and attended
numerous festivals honing her skills.

You can catch her playing on a beach with a big bag of props on most sunny days and warm nights.
During time away from the stage and beach you may catch her crafting
costumes, jewelry and fire props. There are always a few exciting
projects in the works at the creation station.

Chai’s second home is at Red Room where she works alongside talented
djs , promoting amazing shows, bartending and tearing up the dance
floor in the time between and nights off. Her music interests directly
reflect those of industry heavy weights that play the club. Everything
from bass house to dirty DNB. If it goes boom there is a hoop in the Red

Chai’s dream is to perform at the very festivals that inspire her, such as
Basscoast, Fozzy Fest and Electric Forest. She would love to have the
opportunity to teach and introduce others to the magic of
circus/performance arts. Performing for artists alike Bleep Bloop, Space

Jesus, Ivy Lab, Noisia, Huglife or Netsky would be absolute bliss. Most
of all, her dream is to continue to grow and learn alongside such
talented artists in the community. These dreams are already becoming
a reality.


  • Brand Ambassador Experience
  • Marketing Experience
  • Bartending
  • Event Promotions
  • Hoop/Double Hoop (Fire)
  • Fans (Fire)
  • Poi (Fire)
  • LED & Freestyle performances
  • Double Stave (Fire)


  • Nadine Watkins – Fiber-Optic Whips/LED/Hoops/Fans
  • Laura Hutt – Single/Double Hoops/Fiber-Optic Whip
  • Mandy Dominguez – Hoops
  • JennyV – Hoops/Fire
  • RedXIII – Staff/Double Staff
  • Chanel – Poi/Fire


“Coming soon”
– Magical Person

“Coming soon”
– Bass Music Promoter

“Coming soon”
– This Person

“Coming soon”
– That Person