Vess (AKA Ty) is an ever changing performer always striving to master or bring something new to his performances, combining a love of fire and performance he strives to draw crowds in like moths to his flames!

Raised both in Hawaii and Vancouver, Ty got a unique blend of Island Flow and City vibes. Ty has been performing for over 10 Years, in many different art forms but mainly focused in Fire Arts; Since he was young he’s always been drawn to performing, growing up he had experience with Hawaiian fire spinning when he was introduced to the performers local to Vancouver, He helped organize the Saturday circus and Sunday Fire Jams at trout Lake where many local performers come to sharpen their skills and perform. Ty has performed for Vancouver Olympics in Yaletown Olympic outdoor stage, Burning Man, Parade of Lost Souls. Off the stage he spends time shooting up Fallen in Destiny 2, working on his motorcycle or at Wreck beach in the summer to work on his tan!

Favorite styles of music:
Dubstep, Chillhop, Moombahton

DJ’s or festivals you’ve dreamed of performing for:
IBenji, Bonobo, Skrillex,


    • Fire/LED Poi
    • LED Wand
    • Flags
    • Tutting / Flow
    • Break-dancing


  • Marketing / Event Promotions
  • Actor
  • DJ & Music Producer
  • Burning Man Enclave / Fire Performer
  • Fire Safety Certified


  • RedXIII – Contact Staff
  • Chanel – Fire/LED Poi / Wand
  • Jesse – Fire/LED Poi



“Coming soon.”
– This Person

“Coming soon.”
– This Person

“Coming soon.”
– This Person

“Coming soon.”
– This Person